Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Three steps forward, and one step back!

Hello all, sorry again for the lack of Bloggage, although this time it really isn't my fault!

My poor Tiger!
Having been accident free for over three years on the bike, I guess I was due to suffer the poor training and lack of skill of other road users - Long story short, I stopped for traffic, and the woman behind me didn't quite manage the same. I'm ok, with nothing serious broken, and my back should be all right after some physio.

1250cc. All of it wasted in the UK!
While the Tiger is off getting fixed, I've been loaned a Bandit 1250, a nice bike but lacking the comfort and shielding of the Tiger, and makes riding fast all to easy - its not license friendly!

On the wargames front I've hit a bit of an impasse, as although the guys at the Guildford Games Club are enjoying the Infantry Aces, I've become stuck in a rut with regards to settling on a new project. I'm looking forward to the next Breakthrough Assault one day-er in Aug, along with the Art of War too, so I'll have more FoW goodness for you soon I'm sure. Keep swapping between US Paras, Jagdtigers, Normal Tigers and a load of other lists for Breakthrough.....

The day before my accident, I managed to convince the bank people to help me re-finance, along with a little extra to kickstart me towards acheiveing another life long goal of mine - My Private Pilots license! I've booked up my first trial flight with Cub Air out of Redhill, so I'll keep a track of my progress here as well. Don't worry, its still a hobby blog, but having a little extra content couldn't hurt.

Cub Air have few different aircraft to choose from, however the main one I'm interested is their namesake - the Piper SuperCub, G-BMKB, which is in a rather familiar paint scheme:

AoP Time! Will make sure I've read the new 'lessons from the front' for the latest AoP rules before flying....

Anywho, thanks for reading, more soon!


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  1. Glad to hear you're ok, the life of a motorcyclist is often short and interesting! Watch you don't fly off the table edge in the Super Cub, you won't be able to return :-)