Friday, 4 July 2014

Road to BAOD - Pt.1

Hello again!

Time for some more Flames of War goodness - August 9th is the Breatkthrough Assault One Dayer or BOAD as I will now call it. I believe all the spaces are now gone, however more info can be found here:

It started off as an East Front late war 1650pt comp, using only Grey Wolf/Red Bear, and any approved 1944 east front PDFs. Great I thought, a chance to break out the Estonian SS again, with all their Fearless Trained Goodness. Or I could get the Armoured Train finished, or the Tigers/Hetzer list I wanted, or the Sturmtigers - there is a lot of good hobby waiting in the wings.

Then the event changed to 1780 Late War. Now I really was screwed! Too many great things to choose from. Then it hit me. I can use Remagen! Finally my Jagdtigers can get to Jag!

Bovingtons Jag. She's not small!
 Now, I already have 4 Jagtigers. Add the new Carius model, that makes five, so I started from there. Then I knew I would need some infantry to hold the flanks and such, and the Volkssturm 'Bloodbags' filled the spot nicely. Not counting towards reserves, and always having prepared positions, these guys will really help hold objectives and securing the flanks for the Jagds. Having a way of stopping them getting to the side armour easily, I need to stop aircraft - two Wirbelwinds would come in handy. That left enough points to add some template goodness of my own, in the form of 3 15cm Nebs.

Will take a better camera next time, but good reference for the mud guard mounts

512 Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie
1 Jagdtiger 270
2 Jagdtger 535
Plus carius 85
2 Jagdtiger 535
Volkssturm 4 sqd 105
Volkssturm 4 sqd 105
Wirbelwind x2 75
3 15cm Nw41 70
1780  total

Originally I had two 3-  squad strong Volkssturm, with no nebs and a sporadic Arado bomber. The issue here is that it drops me down to three platoons when working out reserves, which is painful. This way I can choose what platoon will help best when starting - the AA if they have AoP/Aircraft or tons of infantry, or the nebs to pin and smoke.

If I wanted to get the Arado back in, I can by moving the Jagdtigers into one platoon, and adding a 2ic:

512 Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie
2 hq Jagdtiger 535
3 Jagdtger 805
Plus carius 85
Volkssturm 3 Sqd 85
Volkssturm 3 Sqd 85
Wirbelwind x2 75
Arado 110
1780 total

5 Jagdtigers, one of which is Carius. Its either going to win big, or loose big. I'm betting its the latter, but at least it will be fun!

All I'm worried about is Battlefront getting the new release stock to stores in time for me to paint it before the tournament!

A crazy piece of engineering. The Jagdtiger is mad too.

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  1. Love the list ;-)

    Sorry to cause you a nice problem! two platoons of Blood Bags! and 4 platoons on in a half on half off mission, your list is going to the be tough to play against!

    1. Thats the plan :-) Just hope B.F release the mini's in time for me to get them painted.