Monday, 14 April 2014

Salute 2014, Protocol Seven, Road to Art of War Pt.3,

Hello again!

I've got a spare half hour at Lunch, so I thought I would actually get a blog post done!

Last Saturday was Salute, and I was helping my good friend Brian over at Anarchy Models to run his stand. Had I known in advance this would require a 4am start, I might not have been so enthusiastic. Oh well!

The show itself was great, bigger and busier than ever (or so it seemed to me) with the overall quality of the stands (both Demo and Trade products) increasing. Its exciting to see the hobby improving at such a rate.

The Anarchy stand - the quietest it was all day!

For those who haven't seen, Anarchy ( produces high (really high!) quality Resin products (bases, add-on kits, crystals), is a retailer for Iwata airbrushes and the latest and greatest product, the 'HD Stencil System' - a mini review you can find here:

My hobby pledge took a hammering, having picked up:

Bolt Action: Winter War Finns for Bolt action from the Baker Company Kickstarter, tank crew and decals for the huge number of Warlord Games tanks heading my way, along with a new Plastic Sherman M4 - reviewed here soon!

Flames of war: The new Battlefront Plastic Germans (both the Panzer IV's and Panzer Gren's box, along with a king tiger for 'Operation Octopus' - more on that soon), as well as scoring 5 BF Resin Tigers for £25 from the Warlords club sale stand. I added another Peter Pig Maus, as it was rude to only have one...

Add a couple of Hasstle Free modern mini's, Dystopian Wars flyers and a KR case for my X-wing and I'm really broke-so of course, the Sunday after the show I went into GW Woking and picked up the new Guard codex too. Hobby Crack indeed..... I'm not looking forward to updating the Pledge Calculator.

Back to the show, and although I didn't get a lot of time to 'shop' (most of my purchases were pre-order pick ups before the doors opened), I was able to meet some of the faces of companies such as Mantic and Battlefront, both of whom have exciting ventures on the way.

So. Many. Necrons
The Frantic Frenchman, Mr Fiquet ( dragged me clear across the hall to see this rather impressive Necron Display (Featuring Crystals by Anarchy Models no less!). It was a shame to hear they don't get gamed with, I would have loved to extend an invite to the next Apocafez game.

It was also good to see our friends from the World of Twilight putting in an appearance:

I'm looking forward to seeing the goodies from their latest KS.

One of the reasons the Blog has been quiet is the weekend before I was running my Live Action Roleply (LARP), set in the near-future where a horrible zombie virus has killed most of humanity, and the survivors live a brutal life moving from one safe(er) area to another: Protocol Seven.

We had a great photographer visit us this game, so please check out his pictures here!

Me as 'Major Urquhart'. Sadly murdered by his own men!
We've also had a review of a previous event that was published in Airsoft Action Magazine posted online:

Added to that a formal Gliding Ball, I've not had much time for Flames of War.

However, Art of War is looming, and I had to send in a list.

I'm going Full Hummel.

12 Tigers, nothing else.

Will I win many games? Probably not. But I'll at least get it painted, and it'll be a lot of fun trundling that many cats across the board. Plus, if I'm hungover on the Sunday, I won't have to remember different stat-lines and special rules.

I'll have more pictures and thoughts on the Tigers as I get them finished this week.

See you next time, thanks for reading!



  1. Salute looks amazing, we don't get anything like that in New Zealand. I like your Tiger list. One dimensional is good sometimes, my theory is less decision making = less wrong decisions! Cheers, Paul.

    1. Cheers skipper, we're very lucky to have the 'leadbelt' of wargaming. Tried the tigers against my friends 7th AD last night, lost horribly due to failing moral checks, so we re-set and I fought to a very bloody win. Was great fun both times, so looking forward to the weekend. Will have more pics up this week before the weekend. Cheers for reading!