Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Twilight the Game - Not a vampire in sight.

For the last few years, Paul (of the hobby brush fame) has been playing Twilight: World of Anyaral, a game which as recently been lovingly dubbed as 'battle fraggles'.

Stolen from the Hobby Brush - I'll throw a T34 at Paul and he'll forgive me.....

Its a fantasy game like no other, as it has no elves, dwarfs or any other Tolken stuffs, and is entirely fresh. The miniatures are gorgeous to paint, and are reasonably priced. You don't need ranks of models, between 5-10 a side is all you need for a fun game.

I've not got any great pictures, as my forces are still unmade, (we've been using Pauls' lovely armies). The game play uses a unique counter method, like bolt action, however the combat is only fought if a third colour token is drawn out - with two of these in the bag, the turn is over when the second one is drawn. This means you can sometimes back out of combat, or lose an activation or two if the combat stones come out quickly. Instead of dice to fight, you cast 50/50 chance 'combat stones' of attack/defend, with armour saves being done on a D6. The rules are free PDF's on the website, however there is a kickstarter in its last week for a lovely printed version, along with starter armies:


I would recommend having a look, and if you're in the Guildford area, there will also be a stand at the Military in Miniature show this Saturday.
Another Hobby Brush masterpiece. How I envy his paint-slinging skillz.

There will be more on Twilight as I get my guys painted, I just wanted to let people know about the KS before its too late!

Oh, and the name was created before the crappy sparkling vampire nonsense.

Keep it Hobby,


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