Friday, 14 March 2014

The Road to Art of War Pt.2

Art of War

I'll have my review of the breakthrough assault review up soon, but I left the notebook with the games/players in at work.

On the topic of work - I found out I get to go to Gen Con this year! Score!


The Art of War - a new event for this year, 1750 late war, set up by Tim Harris and Steve Charlton, designed to give new players a level playing field with the experienced Vets, by limiting the lists that experienced players can use, along with having different levels for the painting competitions.

I had originally planned to take my Easy Company US Airborne - I now have all the army (Apart for one staff team that is on back order) see part one here.

Given the new job, a Protocol Seven event as well as the Military in Miniature show, and the start of the gliding season (well, summer), I've decided to tone it back, and try some new lists that are simpler to get painted - I don't want to re-use a list from an earlier tournament.

With the new plastic Panzer IV's released, I thought I would look at a list with the German Sherman:

Well, with panthers and other fun platoons. This still would mean more painting, so I went back to the drawing board...

Yup, thats a bag 'o' cats list. 12 tigers. Add the 1ic to the first platoon, then take one tiger from the other two to kampfgroup with the 2ic , giving four platoons of three tigers. No skills or wide tracks, and they are unreliable, but none the less, 12 tigers.

I like crazy lists, but going the 'full Hummel' might be a bit much for even me.

Drop a platoon, and chuck in a KT and a 190! That gives me a template of bombs (hits on 4+, 1+fp) to try and deal with arty and dug in infantry, and a vet kingtiger to go do what king tigers do....

Still undecided on what to do between the two, but its going to have some Frankenstien tigers in it!

Please comment with your ideas!


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