Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Breakthrough Assault 2014

Breakthrough Assault

This was a fantastic weekend with the Breakthrough Assault guys down on the south coast. Justin 'the troll' and I represented the Guildford Games Club, with Justin taking his Jumbo-tastic 7th AD and I took the Random Panzerkampfgroupe.

Despite having some issues with the venue, the weekend was a great one, with everybody in a good mood, playing great games of Flames of War.

I've left my notepad with the names of all my opponents at work - Doh'! I'll update this with them om Monday.

First game was a hard fought Breakthrough defending against Robin Spence's 7th AD, complete with Patton. I deployed aggressively to keep my lines of sight to his deployment, in order to prevent his spearhead. This caused Robin no end of grief with his deployment choices.

I ended up failing a tank terror to contest an objective, so ended up losing 9-12.

Second game was against Mike 'Santa' Klaka, with his Faust welding nutjobs (FJ's), and the Dust-up mission. Here, I made the most stupid mistake I've ever made in flames of war. Having always played red vs blue outside of tournaments, I was so used to seeing 88mm Flak 36's turn any tank they shot at inside out, I was so disturbed by them I desperately tried to double my panthers between two woods out of sight - although my concern at the pop-up nutjobs that they didn't quite make it, and a third of my army died for no reason.

I could have just turned the panther to face, and bounced the shots. Live and learn.

Another loss 5-16.

Game three was defending in a fighting withdrawal against Ben Cains American Armoured, in a very hedgy board. Highlights included Staff Sergeant Lafayette Pool bogging on a hedge for almost the entire game.

Ben's luck was fairly atrocious, and I almost got the company break, but we ran out of turns. A 16-5 win!

The last game was against none-other than Winner Dave's t34's horde in a free for all.

As covered by his review, I made some more reckless moves, throwing it all at the wall and seeing what would stick - by this point I just wanted to have some fun. If you've listened to the 'beyond the foxholes', I moved the Flak 88's to try and cover more angles - they were masked from where they deployed.

A 1-20 loss, but a really fun game - thanks Dave!

Thanks to Ben and all involved for such a fun weekend - the atmosphere was light and everyone just had fun. Really looking forward to next year - Justin had a great weekend, and was in the running for a trophy right up till the end, which is a massive leap from his Corrivalry outing - Good job!


Here's the photo dump!

Next time....


  1. i think you deserved the win vs your last opponent

    1. Ha! Like Dave and Ben said, it all just kinda fell apart mid-game. By that point I wasn't really 'gaming' it, and for the life of me couldn't kill off a whole platoon, despite reducing several of them to single/a couple of teams. Gah!