Friday, 7 February 2014

Road to Corrivalry pt.3


I remember decals from my model aircraft days, but the sheer number of them required for this is a little crazy, especially as I'm against the clock. But still, here they are, ready for tomorrow:

I ended up electing not to decal the full platoons, but instead only focus on the teams actually in the list. I normally used Mico-sol for fixing them, however ended up with the Vallejo 'decal fix' and 'decal medium'. I initially assumed that the medium would be used first, and then the 'fix' to set them in, however after a quick google (What did we do before teh interwebs?) it turned out to be the other way around: 

The Vallejo stuff worked quite nicely, with the only issue being the bonnet star on the RAF controllers white scout car - I had to cut some gaps on the decal to get it to lay flat, which I'll touch up with a spot of white paint tonight.

The decals were a mixture of the BF British late war pack, and some extra stars from Doms Decals, which I thought would be enough - Although I was wrong!

"Are you in command today or am I, Over?" The ringed turret top star indicates 1 IC.

Once I had the numbers and guard icons applied, I then wanted to apply the squadron markings, which for the Irish Guards, being the 'junior' regiment, would be the blue shapes. Then I found that the BF decal pack only came with the icons for the B and C squadron, but not the A. Not a big problem, but after 4 hours of messing with decals, it was enough to make me rage quit. If I find time tonight, I'll apply the weight circles, as well as the squad markings - Although I may wait for the complete set from Doms Decals first.

I'm quite chuffed with the way the Typhoon turned out. Its the plastic Revell kit, with the blades chopped off and the canopy painted over to make it look more like the battlefront one. I picked this up for a £1 from HobbyCrackCraft before Xmas.

The wrecked BF typhoon objective is simply phenomenal for a once piece casting. The level of detail is immense, I really love this, especially as it is true 1:100 scale.

The Guards and Motor company platoons took a while to paint, but I quite like these sculpts. I wish I had some more Natur/silfor tufts for them, might ret-con them when I get the chance.

So there you have it, some 2000pts of Irish Guards 99% finished. Once I've gone back and touched up the odd bit, and maybe dirtied them up, I'll take better photos of the units. 

As it stands, I'm quite proud of them as a table top unit. Well, that was until I saw Winner Daves post over Breakthrough assault:

Not only do his soviets look better, the list scares the crap out of me and he has a better blog post name. Whilst I'm on the road to Corrivalry, he's already there having bloody charged! 
Good inspiration to do better however, so hats off to him.

Looking forward to Corrivalry tomorrow!



  1. Very Nice, Look forward to seeing it in the flesh tomorrow.


  2. Ha ha lol, I did the exact same thing with the decal wonder it wasn't working.
    Really great to meet you in the flesh Ed.
    See you in a couple of weeks.

    1. Looking forward to it, was great to meet the whole gang.