Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Road to Breakthrough Assault pt.2

Quick update, I've got all the models built now:

I'm thinking of using some of Anarchy models stencils for the Jagdpanthers, using the disc cammo. The 8-rad is proxy for a 231, the only difference is the front armour is one higher.

The list has changed ever so slightly, I didn't realise the Luftwaffe flak 36's didn't have gun-shields, so I swapped them for the Heer ones - this bumps them up to confident, but I had to drop the crew. I did have spare points to add transports. The Grenadier Kampfgroup Platoon will have enough teams to either take a pak 40 and HMG stand, or up to two 8cm mortars for pinning.

If that doesn't work, I'll just swap one of the Stugs out for Stug the hamster:

More soon!


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