Thursday, 13 February 2014

Road to Art of War Pt.1

As I'm a sucker for punishment, and playing Two tournaments in a month isn't enough, I figured I would drag the boys along to another one in April - Art of War:

The unique selling point of this tournament is it offers a handicap system based on player rankings on HQrankings, giving penalties to the best players if they use mech/infantry lists. This inspired me to move away from an Armoured list, an instead throw down some infantry. With the painting awards also being split by experience, I thought it was a great chance to give Easy Company an airing on the board. It's 1750, so here's the list:

No recon, as Winters gives the combat platoon command teams eyes and ears. The AOP is more for ambush denial using 'column security' rather than spotting for the ineffective 75mm howitzers, who are there to pin/smoke their little hearts out.

.50 Cal AA guns to fend off Rudel and other air threats, and look cool while doing it. These will castle an objective with the smaller Para Rifle Platoon, with Winters and Lipton. The tanks will support the other rifle platoon as it takes the fight to the enemy, with a pop-up Spiers if they need it before they roll in.

That's the plan anyway, sound off if you have any thoughts over it!



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