Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Road to Corrivalry pt.1

Sorry for the lack of the updates recently, its been a busy time in the land of the Fez!

Having already booked for the Breakthrough Assault tournament, I somehow got roped into attending Corrivalry too. Given the number of points I am behind on the pledge, I decided that I'll use a different army for each tournament.

Corrivalry (www.corrivalry.co.uk) is on the 8-9 Feb in Daventry, UK. Its a 1650pt tournament, with the option of having two lists with up to 450pts changed between them.

I've been looking forward to running the Irish Guard since Open Fire came out, and it makes a nice change from Axis.

Joe Vandeleur gives re-rolls for the Shermans at short range, so this list is all about taking the fight to enemy. Having the RAF Forward Air Controller gives a wave off range of 12" for the typhoons, as well as re-rolling range in attempts, so I can get some danger close missions in. This first list has more infantry/anti infantry recce. The Bofors have been training at shooting down Rudel.....

If the opponent has a tank list, I'll swap it out for list B:

I lose the Stuarts and the Motor company, but gain universal carriers and those lovely AT15 M10's.

Talking of M10's, they were the first models I tested the new Vallejo Wash's on. They flowed lovely, and even though it looked like it had pooled massively, dried without tide marks. The green really gives a warmth to the PSC British green spray:

Not tried the yellow yet. Review to follow!

Wash on left, bare PSC Brit green spray on right

With flash, if that kind of thing matters...

Back to the paining, more complete pics to follow, once I've gotten the Dom's decals on.

And all the German armour in the world.....

The work pile

The 'Coming soon' pile
Thanks for reading!

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