Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 begins

Hello, and a happy new year to all!

Its been a rather busy festive season here at the Fez-cave, with many a glorious box unwrapped to find yet more awesome hobby goodness.

A big thank you to all my family and friends who have spoilt me rotten this Xmas. With my birthday a few weeks away, I was pleased when it was suggested that gifts don't count towards the Pledge. Then I realised that painting them wouldn't count either, and the point of the pledge is to reduce what I have, not game the numbers. so here is what it looks like now:

The Hobby Pledge ledger
Conversion rates
28mm fig 1 Total Bought: 208
28mm Vehicle 10 Total Painted: 49
15mm Infantry 2.5 Total: -159
15mm Vehicle 2
15mm Gunteam 3
Name Type Scale Amount Plege worth Uber pledge Name Type Scale Amount Pledge worth
FoW EW FJ Infantry 15mm 22 55 27.5 FoW easy company Infantry 15mm 10 25
FoW EW FJ Gunteam 15mm 8 24 12 FoW Hellcats Vehicle 15mm 4 8
FoW EW Objective Gunteam 15mm 3 9 4.5 BA Finns Infantry 28mm 30 30
FoW bikes/truck Vehicle 15mm 5 10 5 FoW Grilles Vehicle 15mm 2 4
0 FoW 8-Rad Vehicle 15mm 3 9
0 FoW 88's Gunteam 15mm 2 6
0 FoW Graubner Vehicle 15mm 2 4
0 Matildas Vehicle 15mm 18 36
0 Churchills Vehicle 15mm 13 26
0 Train Vehicle 15mm 6 12
0 Zvezda kits Vehicle 15mm 5 10
0 LCVP section Vehicle 15mm 3 6
0 Winter Fins Infantry 28mm 32 32



I've not been doing nothing towards this however (the Churchills are all built, sprayed and washed for example), although I have not 'Finished' any particular unit in total, so the numbers are quite bleak.

Having enjoyed the incentive that Warfare tournament gave me to complete an army, I've signed up to not one, but two in February, Corrivalry and Breakthrough Assault. As a sucker for punishment, I'll be using two different armies for these!

This segways nicely into my next topic - 2014 Army Plans

I'll be finishing off my Market Garden Brits and German lists, including the crazy 88's company. With desperate measures likely to feature heavily as well, I'll balance the late war out with Early war German Infantry, Mid Tank, and of course, Brit desert Matilda lists.

For Bolt Action, its Normandy Germans, east Front Estionian SS and Fallschirmjagers, and of course, Winter War Finnish.

Couple that with Dystopian Wars (and Legions!) Prussians, Dindrenzi Planetfall, Infinity Ariadna and 40K Guard/Marines/Nids/Eldar, its going to be a hell of a busy hobby year!

What does this mean for the Blog? Lots of content - I'm hoping to keep a track of all the progress I make, as well as take a closer look at the suppliers and clubs in the Guildford/Surrey area. I'm looking into methods of improving battle reports, as well as better pictures and event coverage.

I hope you'll tag along for the ride!


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