Thursday, 5 December 2013

Road to Breakthrough (Assault 2) pt1

Well, once I heard those guys over at Breakthrough Assault were hosting their own tournament in February, and it would be down south, I had to join in the fun. But what to take!?

1750pts late-war. So many choices!

  • U.S Airborne Easy Company (using those plastic openfire guys)
  • Estonian S.S 
  • Schwere Panzers (king-tiger-riffic)
  • Kampfe groupe Brinkman/Swoboda/Graebner/Hummel
  • Pieper SS
  • East Front Grenadiers
  • Panzer Lehr
  • Fallschirmjager
  • Irish Guard Shermans 
  • Brit Churchills
Then my amazing girlfriend told me that she was getting me the BP44 Armoured Train for Crimbo - problem solved! 

Add the train with the plastic grenadiers from open fire, a looted T34-85, a cannon welding Stuka, some Flak36's, King-tiger and Tank Escort Stug's - and you have a list with a combination of all my favourite things. Maybe not the usual min-max list of doom, but a fun painting challenge to get the train done in two months.
Pew Pew Thomas!

I'll be blogging the journey as I did with my FJ's for Warfare Reading, hope you enjoy!


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