Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Spot of Dystopian Wars

During our games night at the club, we decided to dust off our Dystopian Wars, and throw some exploding dice in anger!

Rather than settle for another 'boring' slug-fest of sinking, we put the new (to us) troopship/titanic model to good use, and have it carrying a scientist who is defecting to the Antarticans. As such, the Antarticans/Australians had to keep him safe, and the Prussians had to board and seize the ship.

New models, so please excuse the 'Ghost fleet' bare resin!
The Australians deployed in convoy around the Troopship, with the Prussians along the long board edge, with the Antarticans rushing to the rescue from the short edge that the Troopship needed to escape across.

The game was full of the usual (for us) Spartan silliness, with mass boardings, accidental ramming (Both Dave and I managed to park in front of the troopship, sinking one of my frigates!).
Das Boot!
Other than looking forward to a V2 rulebook, without the oft documented errors (its a jumble, hard to use tome that its very easy to get lost in!), we all enjoyed the variety provided by the new models - the Speershelere-er-er-rour (that's how we pronounced it anyhow) bombarding crash diving sub was a lot of fun - Until it met its demise at the hands of tiny bombers!

Hiding behind the objective - pitiful!
The end result? After many explosions and dead marines floating on the water, the troop ship was successfully claimed for the Prussian Navy (along with a few other Antartican ships too!). The game cards were used for the first time too, and really gave a new twist to the action, prompting boarding actions that would otherwise have been ill advised, or getting an extra round of shooting in before leaping aboard.

We're all excited again by DW, and will be getting more paint on the models soon!



  1. I love D Wars, my second game behind FOW. I love what they are doing with all the new fleets. Your post has reminded me I need to get the Aussies to go with my FSA Fleet.

    1. They are lovely models! Planning a Hobby-Triathalon-Tournament next year, one day event, with a game of Flames of War, then Bolt Action, then Dystopian Wars if you're interested?
      Then our resident painting nut suggested we take it to the next level, with a two day event, day one being the painting of the armies for the games on Sunday... although that remains to be decided...

    2. Sorry for the late reply I only just saw this. I would be up for 3 parts of that, I'm not a massive fan of Bolt Action.