Friday, 22 November 2013

The Pledge - update

So, after the dust settles from last weekends FoW Tournament at Reading, I prepare for another day of hobby insanity with the next Apoca-fez Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game at the GGC - but that's another story!

Today I managed to work out my current pledge levels, and designed myself a nifty pledge calculator:

The Hobby Pledge ledger
Conversion rates
28mm fig 1 Total Bought: 86
28mm Vehicle 10 Total Painted: 49
15mm Infantry 2.5 Total: -37
15mm Vehicle 2
15mm Gunteam 3
Name Type Scale Amount Plege worth Uber pledge
FoW EW FJ Infantry 15mm 22 55 27.5
FoW EW FJ Gunteam 15mm 8 24 12
FoW EW Objective Gunteam 15mm 3 9 4.5
FoW bikes/truck Vehicle 15mm 5 10 5

Name Type Scale Amount Uber pledge
FoW easy company Infantry 15mm 10 25
FoW Hellcats Vehicle 15mm 4 8
BA Finns Infantry 28mm 30 30
FoW Grilles Vehicle 15mm 2 4
FoW 8-Rad Vehicle 15mm 3 9
FoW 88's Gunteam 15mm 2 6
FoW Graubner Vehicle 15mm 2 4

As you can (should) see, I'm currently only (only!) 37 figures down:

The primary 'unit' is painting one 28mm figure, the conversion rates are my 'equivalent to 28mm figure' counts, as discussed by myself and the pledge 'master' Paul Tuffskull of fame. As I need to reduce my hobby stash, I've taken the Uber pledge, where my intake is half what I paint. 

Next hobby project is going to be a joint commission/personal couple of Dystopian Wars fleets, intermixed with a some mid war FoW bits to enable Paul to get his beloved t34-76's on the board.

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