Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tank Aces - starting soon!

We're starting a Tank Aces campaign at the Guildford Games Club!
Wiiiiider than your average table (canned coffee not included)

All the rules are given in the Blood Guts and Glory source book, and we've also gotten the campaign pack, with a lovely map, tokens and victory pins!

The campaign is an escalation one, with three 'campaign rounds'. During the first two rounds, you play the 'scrap yard' mission, where each tank acts as a warrior team, which is useful as the points cap for round one is 500pts, then 700pts for round two. In the third round, its 900pts and back to 'legal' standard armies. This is great for starting players, as tank only battles make for a rules light game to ease yourself into the game system.

Playing on a 4x4 board, the scrapyard missions use the 'tactical edge' objective markers. These are captured as a normal objective, but are then placed into your 'hand', allowing you to re-roll (or force your opponent to re-roll) skill/motivation/armour/firepower/to hit rolls, depending on what is written on the card. You win the missions by earning more XP than your opponent....

XP is what gives your Tank Ace his skills! One of the tanks in your force represents your tank ace, and they can unlock special skills such as moving and firing at full RoF, extra movement, gun range, a whole heap of nice things. 

Its like hide and seek... only with tanks!
I'll be sure to post future battle reports and campaign progress after we start next Monday night!

SPRANG! Yeah, it bounced....

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