Thursday, 17 October 2013

Road to Warfare pt 5

First Platoon Finished!

It's been a while!
Well, that's a milestone - first unit finished! The gliders I'm going to do in a batch of airbrush maddness.

Taking my good friend (and amazing painter) Paul 'Tuffskull' Townsends ( advice, I covered the whole model and base with flat brown. This gives a great shading layer, especially for the skin.

Although the splinter camo was issued to the Fallschirmjager before the invasion of Crete, I decided to do a mix of grey/green and Splinter issued kit, to cover the mix, so these can be used as either early or mid war lists.

The 'Bridge by Bridge' book has a great FJ painting guide in the book, with three colour (shade, Main and highlight) Vallejo colours. The basing foliage is a mix of Army painter Field grass with mininatur 726-33 S 'Tufts with blossoms early fall'.

Whilst painting these guys, I also managed to get objective 1 painted.

Not long to go now, but I'm working through the next platoon!

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