Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Road to War(fare) Pt 3

Well, its all go this end! Between flying, work, starting a Tank Aces Campaign (see other post), agreeing to co-run a war games/modelling show, taking another painting commission and general life, its been hard to find the time to hobby, let alone post about hobby!

Still, taking my good friend Fred's advice ( I'm going to start posting little, and often, rather than wait for a whole massive article to be ready.

So, I've been building like crazy. At the moment, I've built both Luftlandesturm Platoons, the HMG's, both the AT and four of the eight gliders. I already had the Flak guns and the Motorcycle transports built, so that's a positive.
As far as the brown holed bases go - here's a pro tip: Make sure you fill the gaps and spare holes with green stuff! PVA and sand looks good until the PVA dries, where upon it contracts and leaves a nice round divot on the base, needing several more layers of PVA to fill.
The Mighty Force so far
I'll have reviews of the individual platoons in due course. 


  1. Looking good so far. I'm still surprised how small the list is!

  2. Indeed, especially when I've put all the blister contents on the tray, not the actual army list - Take a flak and AT gun off, and two(!) stands off each glider platoon.... certainly going to be quick games!