Saturday, 14 September 2013

Road to War(fare) part #2 Luftlandesturm Platoon Building

Two Luftlandesturm Platoon's form the core of the my Warfare army, and I guessed that it they were as good a place as any to start!

I'll be using the new 'holey' bases as I like not having my guys on lumpy pedestals.

Random fun fact of the day: I'm a little fat to be a Fallschirmjager. No seriously, you needed to weigh less than 85Kg fully clothed!

The models themselves are battlefronts usual great standard, however I do wish that there was a little more verity in the models, as quite a few of them are the same pose. 

When they are all put together, they don't look half bad.

By using one of the spare riflemen (having been replaced by the flamethrower) I was able to use the Walter Koch figure as the IC - when I make the second platoon I'll rearrange these to make the 2iC.

As far as painting goes, I'm tempted to do a mix of the early war block grey smocks, with a scattering of Splinter cammo - The cammo smocks were issued in '41 before the invasion of Crete, and as my prominent early war opponent is Russians, it would be cool to have them as a 'What if' force for the eastern front, instead of the Mediterranean. Also means I can use these guys as mid-war FJ pioneers without them looking too odd. I'll cover the painting in another blog.

Only one of the models had a misaligned mold, but I could just swap him for the second Flamethrower it was no biggie. Fitting them into the circle bases took a couple of snips with the clippers for some of them, but it was easy enough.

Off to Colours tomorrow!

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